Hold The Right People Accountable

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Brett Kavanaugh is about to become a Supreme Court Justice. Out of the entire legal profession, out of the hundreds of conservative judges and legal experts available, that sniveling, entitled, sexual predator has been chosen to sit on the highest court in the land.

The Republican Party just said Fuck You to every American, even the ones who don’t realize it yet.

Anyone with a conscience is pissed right now. Anyone who truly cares about the ideals of the United States and our future as a nation is disappointed today.

Anyone who dreams of a more perfect union understands we just took a step backwards from that goal.

Susan Collins and Jeff Flake turned out to be Judas, which should disappoint everyone but surprise no one.

But let’s keep our anger and electoral fire aimed in the right direction.

* * *

It’s a mistake to be tweeting blame at any Democrats today. This was an intensely hard fought campaign and everything was left on the table. In the end, the results came down to a simple reality: Republicans hold the majority and they cared about the win more than doing what’s right.

Republicans misrepresented the evidence and witness statements, not because they didn’t understand the issues, but because they knew the truth wasn’t convincing to their side.

Jeff Flake was too scared to tell those women in the elevator he was voting yes, so he passed the buck, and then pretended a completely neutered investigation was on the up and up.

In her speech, Susan Collins repeated talking points about the witnesses that are objectively false, and she questioned Dr. Blasey’s testimony about things every expert has said are exactly what to expect from trauma victims.

It was Trump-like gaslighting with a softer tone.

Republicans chose to cut off oxygen from the FBI’s investigation, ensuring they couldn’t find wrongdoing by not letting them thoroughly look for it. This confirmation isn’t due to Democrats not fighting hard enough, it’s because Republicans don’t care about evidence and didn’t want it found.

Republicans ignored the words of:
–Dozens of people who knew Kavanaugh.
–Thousands of legal professionals.
–Large religious organizations.
–Thousands of their constituents.

Why did Republicans ignore all these voices and all these warning signs? Was it because Democrats didn’t fight hard enough? Or conversely, was it because Democrats didn’t explain their concerns politely enough, as some on the right are complaining? Was it because there are no other acceptable judges out there?

Of course not. They knowingly and intentionally ignored every sign of perjury and every outburst beneath the dignity of the Supreme Court. They ignored the words of every character witness, the recommendations of every legal expert and every ounce of human decency.



Why did they do that? Because they can. Because FUCK YOU, that’s why.

Because they had the numbers, because the justifiable concerns about Kavanaugh’s behavior don’t bother them, and because the passionate response of sexual assault victims meant nothing to them.

Conservative politicians, media personalities and regular citizens saw the anguish and pain they were causing among sexual assault victims, and they laughed. They saw the logical arguments from patriotic liberals and moderates…and brushed them aside.

They won, and the win is all that matters to them. They don’t care if Kavanaugh is the best choice for the job. They don’t care if he’s going to pursue justice while on the Court, and they certainly don’t care polling showed the majority of Americans think we can do better than Brett Kavanaugh.

Today is not about Democratic failures, and it’s not the time for a circular firing squad.¬†Republicans who were more annoyed at their schedule being changed than about their duty to advise and consent.

It was Republicans who attacked and mocked sexual assault survivors. It was Republicans who called Dr. Blasey a paid operative, liar and trailer trash.

If there’s one lesson to take away from this whole ordeal, it’s that the only way we as Americans can affect change is to vote.

Vote blue this November. Vote blue in every part of the country. Vote blue for every race on your ballot. Vote blue to let them know we’re watching and paying attention.

If the Democrat on your ballot isn’t your first choice? Vote for them on November 6th, and start lobbying them for change on November 7th.

If the Republican claims to be moderate, or open to compromise, or looks to have integrity…remember that’s what people said about Susan Collins.

When push comes to shove, Democrats will vote with their constituents and Republicans will vote with Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell. To pretend otherwise is to deny reality, and sends us farther away from the ideas of the United States.

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