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Progressives are from Mars, Moderates are from Venus

NOTE: This is my #UniteBlue post. For both progressives and moderates, I truly believe we have much more in common than not, and all our fates are on the line in November. I ask you to spare five minutes and please give it a read…any feedback is welcome. Thanks. * * * Election Day is

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Let’s Flip The House By 100 Seats

There are 112 Republican-held seats that favor the GOP by 10 points or less. We’ve overcome larger margins already in special elections. Now let’s do it everywhere. I want 100 seats. After the shitshow we’ve experienced this past week, I want 100 seats to flip from red to blue. Sound crazy? Who cares…let’s all vote

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Race To Watch – Washington 5th CD

The battle for the House of Representatives may be the widest-reaching in history. There are Democratic candidates running in almost every district, and winning back control of  the lower chamber of Congress is the highest priority goal for the party.  Their ability to cast a wide net is a key feature of their strategy. With

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