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Election Day Live Blog (One Week Early)

On Election Night I plan to have too much alcohol in my system to use the English language properly. Since I really wanted to write a live blog, yesterday I borrowed the Time Stone and watched how things played out. It was (or will be) a dizzying night. I need to stress this is only

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Who Will the Ford/Kavanaugh Hearings Help?

The conventional wisdom so far has been that the Kavanaugh confirmation theatrics helped Republicans in the midterms by motivating conservative voters. Any #bluewave depends at least in part on higher enthusiasm and turnout on the left, so the thinking goes an uptick in GOP enthusiasm may negate that advantage. Polling numbers in the immediate days

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The Real Constitutional Crisis

For the record, my concerns about election night aren’t really about winning. When push comes to shove, I believe the American people (at least enough of them) will see through the lies, misinformation and cowardice of Donald Trump and this Administration and vote accordingly. And if it turns out they don’t, if after everything we’ve

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