Survivor Liveblog S37E1

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Hi Everyone! About 20 minutes ago I decided to watch this season of Survivor and figured I’d liveblog along the way.

I’m at a Jon Snow level of knowledge regarding this season’s players, location and any twists. All I know is the title is David vs. Goliath, so all the steroids will be on one half of the island, and Survivor is my sister’s favorite show so this is the only way she’ll ever visit the site.

Two things before we get started:
–I think Jeff starts with a blue hat.
–I love the game play on Survivor, but get irrationally angry when the person who carries their squad to the end loses to the likable player who never won a challenge or made a big strategic play. I don’t care how many millions she has or beloved she is, I still say Sandra earned none of it.

Pre-show status:
Healthy green tea? Check
Unhealthy sour candy? Check
Remote ready to pause, rewind and mute during commercials? Check
Let’s. Do. This!

8:00pm: The David tribe doesn’t seem as weak as the name implies. I guess that figures.

8:02: Well I was wrong about Jeff’s hat color.

8:05: Is that guy in the middle of the first row of the Goliath tribe wearing jeans?

8:08: They’re going to play up the David’s “plucky underdog” vibe for a month and then oversell the eventual blindside so much aren’t they?

8:10: That who’s the weakest thing will be interesting to revisit after the merge when alliances start to crumble.

8:14: Goliaths killed that net thing.

8:16: He really is a Sheldon clone. The mannerisms talking about puzzle algorithms was really reminiscent.

8:20 Showmance. Is that an established term or did Mike the cop just make it up? I like it.

8:26: Christian/Sheldon said it best: if someone’s annoying on day one they’re going to be in trouble as soon as they’re no longer useful.

8:29: Did they say where they’re at this season? I have no idea.

8:31: Are the Davids being too obvious with the alliance making already?

8:33: Gabby reminds me a lot of the Aubry from Kaoh Rong.

8:37: I always wonder about the timestamp of things like the Goliaths asking where Mike is when he’s on camera saying ‘Haha no one knows I’m gone.’ How much do they manipulate that?

8:40: Since Natalie was nice enough to warn him, Mike should just own what he was doing. ‘Yes I was looking for an idol. Look at all of you, men and women…I know I can’t physically keep up cause you’re all so intimidating. I’ll work my butt off but hoped I could find a safety net.’

8:46: Overconfident Nick. Got it CBS, I’ll make a note for Day 12’s Tribal.

8:47: My God the David’s fist bumps are weak.

8:50: Nicely done Mike the cop. #idol

8:51: Octopus are one of the smartest animals on Earth, arguably second after humans. So watching one get eaten for a game show kind of sucks. But it’s what you’ve got to do while you’re there.

8:52: Oh shit Bi’s an MMA fighter? Respect.

8:54: Normally you have to be somewhat suspicious of sob stories, but I’d think having a real story like that was a prerequisite to be placed on David. Could be wrong I guess.

9:00: I always thought bugs would be the reason I struggle on Survivor. The rain for this challenge….I honestly don’t know how well I’d do.

9:02: Wait did the rain just stop? Or is there a safety protocol where they have to wait?

9:08: That was close! Goliaths dominated physically and Davids nearly caught up with the puzzle, so playing to stereotype so far. Now Davids have the better shelter and Goliaths have fire. Pretty even after one challenge.

9:11: I’m guessing Pat and Nick are on the chopping block, and Nick seems more likely to hustle to save himself…though that effort will probably only work once.

9:15: Would’ve thought it was Carl on the stretcher with how exhausted he was during the challenge. Paul looks seriously struggling.

9:18: Even if Pat is cleared to continue he looks likely to be gone tonight. But the person who says at Tribal ‘he’s not strong enough’ will be hurt in the future.

9:20: Seque: I fill like I’m stating the obvious here and not in an entertaining way. I’ll work on that for next week when I’m not trying to catch everyone’s name. Promise.

9:22: A rough wave on a boat is a crappy way to go out.

9:26: Why do they get a flint? What’s the point of having it be part of the challenge? That’s not normal is it…maybe a safety thing again because of the rain and cold?

9:28: Has anyone had a pizza ruined because of a pothole? Ever?

9:30: They’re really turning Natalie into a villain. I’m guessing she’ll be around for a long time.

Thanks for reading along!

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