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She’ll Testify

The big news this week from the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation circus is that Christine Blasey Ford has agreed to testify before the Senate Judiciary committee next week. There are many details currently being negotiated, as they haven’t even agreed on the day of her appearance yet.  Still, the testimony seems highly likely to happen. From

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This Was Trump’s Test Run (And He Failed)

    NOTE: This was originally posted after the Women’s March. I was in Idaho at the time and the Boise march was well-attended, but ended much earlier than those in bigger cities across the country and world. This allowed me to participate and feel the energy first hand, but still observe happenings across the

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Can These Promises Be Kept?

NOTE: This was originally posted the afternoon of Trump’s inauguration. Below is an edited version updated to reflect the reality of what’s transpired since that day. The added content is in parenthesis. If you don’t like questionable formatting choices this may be an article to skip 🙂 I’m reposting with updates because I thought this

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